In the first of our features looking at the passions of inspired people, we'd like to introduce you to Mac. Mac McCreery lives in Birmingham and has found photography to be an excellent way of tackling his issues with anxiety. We have pulled together a selection of photography from Mac, his particular specialism being monochrome photography across Birmingham. Take a look we think you will be inspired!

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Mac McCreery is an inspired amateur photographer who lives in Birmingham


It is nearly five years since Mac left a Black Country town to live in Digbeth, Birmingham. For Mac, it's the atmosphere that attracts him, the mix of old and the new, the core of Birmingham. He says: "What’s not to love?"


A selection of Mac's photography 


Anxiety issues have often prevented Mac from doing what he wants to do, and is extremely good at doing. He was nervous about taking photos, and he says "there are so many talented folk out there". However Mac has been quick to realise that photography can be his "stress buster". 


At BirminghamWeAre we say - Keep the photography coming Mac. They're brilliant and you're extremely talented! 



Photo:  Towards the City from Birmingham (Mac McCreery)



Photo:  St Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham (Mac McCreery)



Photo: Moody skies over Birmingham (Mac McCreery)



Photo: Corporation Street, Birmingham (Mac McCreery)