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Construction & regeneration
25 Feb 2017 - FreeTimePays

It's your Build - a FreeTimePays community for people who build with passion

Watch the video! Take the link below to find out more! Book a 'show & tell' session with us!  Many ways to find out why people are talking about It's your Build - the platform dedicated to those passionate about construction, architecture and new build. 


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Construction & regeneration
15 Jan 2017 - FreeTimePays

All change in Birmingham! Keep in touch with the latest constructions across the City

Birmingham is going through rapid change.  Wherever you go, something is underway providing opportunities for all.  At BirminghamWeAre, we will keep you in touch with all the latest developments (photography/did you know/weblinks for more information) with regular features and connections so that you are right up to date with what's going on. 


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