Abdullah Rehman is an anti-hate campaigner who works tirelessly for the good of Birmingham and his community 


Abdullah Rehman is chief executive of the Balsall Heath Forum and was awarded an MBE in the 2016 New Year Honours List in recognition of his services to community.



Abdullah was brought up in Balsall Heath and considers the neighbourhood to be an excellent example of all that is good about the city of Birmingham, where people from all faiths and backgrounds can get on, regardless of creed and colour.  This is what motivates Abdullah to carry on doing what he does best in motivating others around him through the leadership he displays and through the work he carries out for the benefit of the community.



For Abdullah, his father was his biggest inspiration who always showed kindness, compassion and generosity to others around him in the city of Birmingham.

Abdullah Rehman founded the Balsall Heath Forum in 1992 and has been its chief executive for many years. Abdullah continues to raise funds for community schemes and works tirelessly with police and political leaders of all parties to improve his community.



Abdullah is an active campaigner for anti-hate and supports the work of many organisations such as Tell Mama UK and The Olive Branch.