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10 Jul 2020 - Stephen Calcutt
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This is a prototype event that encapsulates my work and where I'm coming from as an artist 


This is the run down of the BuStopia event as depicted on my wesite, I was to present this again as  a performance piece at the Midland Fashion Awards 2020 which has been cancelled due to Covid 19. 


The first  live show was performed Saturday March the 7th 2020 at the Direct Art Action Gallery in Sutton Coldfield.  Birmingham UK.  that was conceived as part of the overall multi media art exhibition is also called BuStopia as a stand alone piece.

The show lasts approximately 5 minutes and is made up of three stages representing a transition from an anxious, depressed state to a feeling of taking ownership  of ones life and  empowerment.

The first stage of the show the models portraying an anxiety or depressed  state.  The models  are some way from the viewers the projection and the windows reinforcing the detachment that the models are portraying as the pace across the floor. 


Phase 1:       Anxiety depression 

The models stop and stand still for this part of the performance. This is the transformation phase where the make up artist  applies some colour to the faces of the models in a minimalist fashion. Preparing the models for the final movement.  


Phase 2:         Transformation



The transformation music stops the models start to weave through the windows getting closer to the viewers slowly the barriers are diminishing. 




The models  discarded the  white outer garments, removed to reveal the garments I created  this is symbolic like the butterfly that transforms from the caterpillar .


This phase of the show the models are now stood in  front of the windows. They are now in full view of the audience the projected film is now hitting them directly. When the models remove their outer white garments they reveal the brightly coloured formal garments that Idesigned. 



Phase 3:           Empowerment

They have broken through the anxiety and depression there are no barriers between them and the viewer.  They have taken ownership, they are in control of their lives.  The clothing symbolises  this state by containing the chaotic image within classic formal clean cut garments. The models then engage in a traditional catwalk as the final movement of this show 

BuStopia modeling a besboke artwear jacket created by Stephen Calcutt of Mango Ha Ha Ha


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10 Jul 2020 - Stephen Calcutt
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Lockdown Life

Post image

This tryptic of images sum up three aspects of lockdown life and self isolation for me. I was stuck for what I could present that was original and reflected the positive side of lockdown for me. I'd started growing veg in containers and using an exercise trampoline as part of my keeping active regime. I made a scarecrow out of a bamboo cne with a tin pie container and some balloons


I decided on a very windy day to capture the scarecrow being blown around on a slow shutter speed. These are the three I loved the most as stated capturing my veg growing and exercise equipment and the artistic side of me being captured in the bold abstract colours of the balloons.

I'm in a sanctuary during Covid 19, as an introvert it has an odd reasurance not to have to engage in the outside world. I'm fortunate not to be suffering health or activity wise,  I know it's a dire time for some.


My images capture the spark that keeps me going Covid 19 or not. 




Lockdown photography competition entry (Photographer Stephen Calcutt)




Lockdown photography competition entry (Photographer Stephen Calcutt)



Lockdown photography competition entry (Photographer Stephen Calcutt)

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