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Introducing BirminghamWeAre - A FreeTimePays Community of Passion

BirminghamWeAre is a digital space for individuals and organisations who want to create an impact and make a difference for themselves, for others and for their community.

BirminghamWeAre is a Community of Passion that utilises FreeTimePays digital engagement and social media to deliver real change and positive social impact. ‘People with Passion’ are given the digital space and the digital tools so they can make a real difference for themselves & others. With Passion Points, we recognise people for the difference and contribution they make and the positive impact they collectively deliver.

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24 Aug 2018 - On-going

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Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520

18 Jun 2019 - FreeTimePays

Introducing HS2withYou - a Community of Passion we propose be launched!


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11 Jun 2019 - FreeTimePays

Introducing Birmingham Council House - Architecture with Community


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08 Jun 2019 - FreeTimePays

Great architecture reflected in great creative photography - stunning!


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08 Jun 2019 - FreeTimePays

Sarehole Mill - a historic gem in Hall Green, Birmingham, UK.jpg


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04 Jun 2019 - FreeTimePays

St Philip's Cathedral - A Birmingham Gem!


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10 May 2019 - FreeTimePays

Selfridges, Birmingham, UK - 'A City Gem'


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21 Nov 2018 - FreeTimePays

GreenActionWithYou - let us promote and support your initiative!


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19 Aug 2018 - FreeTimePays

Street Art in Digbeth, Birmingham, UK


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19 Aug 2018 - FreeTimePays

BirminghamWeAre - a FreeTimePays Community of Passion and digital portal for people who want to make a difference!


With a combined reach of 100,000, FreeTimePays is delighted to welcome Birmingham as a Community of Passion. Together with our People with Passion, this digital space will be used to showcase all that's great about the City.

Connect with us and promote the passion that is Birmingham!

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16 Aug 2018 - FreeTimePays

Introducing Transport for the Future - a FreeTimePays Community of Passion


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14 Aug 2018 - FreeTimePays

'Looking Up' in Birmingham


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